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Wondering how to get the ball rolling?

Playing Catch

Getting started with Spot is easy! First we'll meet you and your dog during a free, in-home (or outdoors for added health safety) visit to discuss your dog's needs, create a walk schedule, and answer any questions you might have.

Ready to start? Contact now to schedule your free in-home visit! 

*In-home/outdoor consultation is entirely optional, let us know if you would like to schedule your dog immediately and we'll gather the information we need via phone or email to get started!

Covid Precautions -

Spot would like to encourage social distancing whenever possible- your walker will bring their own leash, and is happy to hand off your dog at the door if you wish- no need to enter! 

This is in addition to all other standard COVID precautions; mask wearing at all times, as well as hand washing before and after contact with each client.

Do you only service the South Lake Union area? -

Spot services the South Lake Union neighborhood, as well as adjacent neighborhoods, if you live nearby it's likely we can walk your dog!

Walking Services - Spot uses the Pet Sitter Plus dog account service. With Pet Sitter Plus, you will receive information about when your walker arrives and returns for each walk, as well as a detailed report from the walk including pictures and any other information you want recorded each walk such as potty breaks and fresh water. Each walk may include refilling water bowls, wiping paws, administering medications, bringing in packages, or any other special requests you have arranged. 

Overnight Stays - Overnight stays in your home include a free 20 minute walk in the evening and again in the morning! Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance.

Flexible Scheduling - Spot offers flexible scheduling windows - book your weekly schedule ahead of time for worry free care for your pup! Spot also offers dog walking outside of normal operating hours for an extra fee.

One-On-One - With Spot, you and your pup don't have to worry about who will be arriving each day to walk your dog. Having the same walker every day gives your dog a chance to form a close bond and a safe routine, they'll love being greeted by a happy and familiar face as they go out for their walks!

Licensed + Insured - SpotSLU is a licensed and insured business.

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